Adel Abidin: Cover-Up!

Two channel video installation, industrial fan and grid, 2014

People are often afraid of showing their weaknesses and shortcomings, and intend to hide in secrecy in fear of society’s judgment. Their main intention is to modify their identity to fit into a certain society. However, what I cannot tolerate is; when governments and regimes polish their flaws and in doing so, violate human rights. In Cover-up.

I reference Marilyn Monroe’s famous subway scene in The Seven Year Itch (1955). An Arab male of ambiguous leanings replaces the seductive movie screen siren. This works questions society’s ideals of beauty, acceptance and tolerance.

The soundtrack of the work is a remix of the original.


Two 65 inch LED screen, wooden structure

Duration: 00’04’25 min (seamless loop)