adel abidin back to the future

Five kinetic sculptures

Traveling in time to replay old memories while lacking the actual devices to access them. In our digital world it’s very difficult to access our saved analogue like memories. In the process of digitalizing those memories, we tend to distort & deconstruct them.

This piece was my first experiment to replay some old folklore songs that i used to listen to and sing as a kid, which have no original copies.

I started rewinding a cassette tape with a graphite pencil in a way to rotate the reel of time, which resulted in a distorted memory.

Rewinding them in different speeds evoked a change in my perception as i found odd connotations in them. Those intangible songs were only known as lullabies, which had turned into folksongs for children.


Five 3D printed cassette tapes, rotation mechanism, media players, pencils, speakers and pedestals

Dimensions: 6 x 12,5 x 1.3 cm


Cassette #1: 00’04’22 min

Cassette #2: 00’03.19 min

Cassette #3: 00’02’14 min

Cassette #4: 00’01’28 min

Cassette #5: 00’01’48 min