adel abidin ya!

A suspended large roll of glossy papers and a pile of posters

I have always been interested in people’s attempts to find themselves an idol, be it a deity to believe in as a religious icon or a public personage to look up to.

A perpetual figure has always been needed as a symbol for an acknowledged identity, admiration, dependence, help and support.

Ya! is following the global theme of the devalorization of values, humans, ideals, and religion, through delving into the same subject of political incorrectness.

Unrolling a large roll of white posters from the ceiling and left us with an illusion of being suspended between the “sky” and the ground. The large roll presenting a production of blank posters on which the only printed word is a calling: “Ya”, in Arabic typography. That leaves us wondering: Who is the one we are calling? What has become of our sacred idols? What have we done to their values?

This piece is inspired by the actual mass production of shiite imams posters, the holy figure that had become a prop. Using the same exact painted figure with twelve different names and wardrobes have attracted my attention. I started asking myself, isn’t it more respectful to delete the Imam himself and either leave his accessories or the calling word: YA!


Posters dimensions: 70 x 100 cm

Roll length: 12 meters (Vary)