Adel Abidin: To Mohammad! to Mecca!

The graphite metal construction of the infamous Coca-Cola logo is intentionally reversed to counter a baseless conspiracy theory propagated by some fanatics, claiming it contains an anti-Islamic message in Arabic; "No Muhammad! No Mecca!”. By flipping the logo, the negative reading is transformed into a positive one, reading, "To Muhammad! To Mecca!". This reinterpretation symbolizes a celebratory gesture toward Islam whenever a can or bottle of Coke is opened, emphasizing the importance of perspective in interpretation.

Double sided Light-box installation.
Dimensions: 87cm x 260cm x 20cm.

The artwork 1st edition was funded by Mr. Gilles Fuchs, Paris.
The artwork editions 2,3,4 were unded by Lawrie Shabibi Gallery, Dubai.
The artwork 5th edition was funded by Meem Gallery, Dubai.