Adel Abidin:  The Revolt | Unmatchedf Narratives 2024

"Unmatched Narratives" showcases the complete history of the Zanj rebellion (869-883CE) as depicted by the victors. Through drawings that rely on the ink bleeding through papers, I create a mixed-media wall installation spreading across the gallery walls, resembling a black-and-white coloring book deliberately opened to pages that deal with specific historical events. While silhouette drawings dominate at first glance, upon closer inspection, viewers will discern the details omitted from this familiar historical narrative, as revealed through the use of mirrors.

The simplicity of solid black silhouettes invites viewers to delve beyond the surface, revealing the nuanced details and untold stories that history often obscures. By challenging the conventional reading of historical accounts through the visual, the project unveils narratives that elude us when solely relying on the victor's perspective.

Metal frames: 400mm x 300mm x 200mm | Mirrors: 2950mm x 180mm x 6mm

Acrylic sheets: 2950mm x 180mm x 3mm | Ink | Canson papers: 2950mm x 180mm x 120g