Adel Abidin: The Revolt | Documents on salt 2024

A one-channel video transports viewers on a ghostly journey to the remnants of a location haunted by the memory of the final battle between the Zanj and their oppressors. We accompany a pair of broken and crudely sculpted toy legs as they guide us through a desolate salt landscape, shrouded in an intentional veil of ghostliness. As we traverse this eerie terrain, we are prompted to explore and envision the untold aspects of history that have eluded conventional narratives.

One channel video installation | Duration: 00’04’52'13 min | 4k Digital | stereo | 16:9

Dop: Anton Demerjian | Production assistant: Hassan Abu-Jarar | Editing & Color grading: Martin Jäger | Sound design: Timo Anttila& Jaakko Heikura - Humina Oy.