Adel Abidin:  Relics

Mixed media on PVC foam.

Wars have woven world into a web like pattern. Dismantling the web leaves remnants, shaped as matrices; "Relics".

Within the relics are codes, that reveal how we got here.

Relics, presents an open-ended debate into how facts and imaginative realities are represented, with an emphasis on the equation of war. By using the ancient bas-relief technique to deconstruct selected images of an army deployment from the internet. led to recomposing their physical and psychological aspects.

Tackling several conceptual veins, the artworks in their totality, examine the relationships between power, control as well as representation, and, how power impacts perceptions of identity, location, history and memory. Relics also attempt to move towards nullifying the desire to recognize and frame the left-over findings solely within expectations and the perceptions of the public, and instead, focus on the conceptual meanings to each individual object.


Dimensions vary.