adel abidin musical manifest

The Multidisciplinary Art Installation brings the harsh real-life experiences of Iraqi asylum seekers in Finland to the forefront. These experiences are drawn from actual responses documented in official records formulated by the personnel of the Finnish Immigration Service. The installation underscores the bureaucratic intricacies of the system.

"Immigration Services" is a campaign that presents a series of illustrated drawings offering practical tips to newcomers on how to obtain legal permits to stay in Finland.

The work consists of 18 A0 size prints featuring practical tips and silhouette illustrations in both Arabic, aiding newcomers in navigating the complex process of obtaining legal permits to stay in the country. Additionally, it includes a one-channel animation video with airport-style announcement audio, where animated figures recite the tips presented in the posters.

One animation channel video and prints.

Duration: 00’04’34 min / 4k Digital / stereo / 16:9.
Prints: 18 A0 sized posters.

Credits: Real refugee case files: Outi Popp / English copyeditor: Catrina Gregory / Arabic copyeditor: Mazin Al-Taai / Video & post-production direction: Sam Shingler / Voice overs: Rebecca Clamp & Baker Hasan.

The artwork was commissioned by the Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland.