Adel Abidin is having a new solo exhibition named Blueprint starting from March 11th at the Maraya Art Center in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

The exhibition echoes the architectural and engineering practice of producing an actual blueprint for an imaginative machine that creates a production assembly line that would exist in an industrial factory. This exaggerated large scale (20meters * 2.6meters) drawing and its overbearing sound component transform the gallery into a mock factory setting.

With the intention of offering an ironic visual cultural critique of the manufactured and globalized nature of a “Real” identity – specifically an Arab identity in a post Arab Spring era. Blueprint puts forward an alternative view of looking at some of the absurdities inherent within the representation and dissemination of identities and how these are packaged, bartered and traded for global consumption.

The exhibition is curated by Sara Raza, associate curator for Maraya Art Centre. Sharjah – UAE.