Abidin was commissioned to create three installations for the Flow Festival that explore human rights, segregation and gender issues. The installations attest to Abidin's ability to examine difficult issues, such as cultural alienation and discrimination, through irony and humour.

The Flow Festival is held in Suvilahti, Helsinki, from 8-10 August 2014.

Adel will also participate in the Flow Talks panel discussion “Visual arts and participation” on Saturday August 9th. Read more about it here.

Video Installation, 2014 (In the picture above)

Some often fear that revealing their shortcomings, flaws and mistakes may expose who they really are. The cost of breaking secrecy may seem too high for some and diving deeper into depravity continues unless they are caught “in the act”. I can understand when women cover-up cellulite, but what I don’t accept is when governments and systems polish their flaws through violating human rights. This work is a gesture that argues this notion by replicating Marilyn Monroe’s pop cultural subway scene.