adel abidin back to the future

Five kinetic sculptures intricately rewind intangible Iraqi folk songs at different speeds, utilizing graphite pencils to set the cassette wheels in motion. The result is a deliberately distorted representation of memory, merging tangible and intangible elements within the cultural narrative.

Five 3D printed cassette tapes / Rotation mechanism / Media players / Pencils / Speakers / Customised pedestals / Cassette dimensions: 6cm x 12,5cm x 1.3cm.

Durations: Cassette #1: 00’04’22 min / Cassette #2: 00’03.19 min / Cassette #3: 00’02’14 min / Cassette #4: 00’01’28 min / Cassette #5: 00’01’48 min.
Credits: Eetu Huhtala.

The artwork was commissioned by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Beirut.