Adel Abidin: Abidin Travels

Abidin Travels functions as a fictitious travel agency enticing individuals with exotic and adventurous vacations to Baghdad. The agency presents two videos—one animated commercial advertising a special offer to win a holiday in Baghdad and the other featuring censored news footage, narrated by an American woman welcoming visitors to Baghdad—both referencing the American occupation of Iraq in 2003. The exhibition comprises posters, light boxes, brochures (tourist guides), and a ticket-booking facility that allows viewers to book their own one-way e-tickets on-site as part of the immersive experience.

The printed brochures are available in the following languages: Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Two channel video installation.
Durations: Video 1: 00’02’00 min / Video 2: 00'04'33 min / HD Digital / Stereo / 4:3.
Credits: Animation: Sam Shingler / Voice over: Janice Redman /  Coding: David Knight.
Installation: MAC Computer / Keyboard / Screen / Brochures / Posters / Light boxes.

The artwork was funded by Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Helsinki.