Adel Abidin: Construction Site

Video/Sound installation

Construction Site presents an unfamiliar close-up scene of a small girl’s hands, holding two white disposable plastic spoons. We wonder if she is playing with or collecting the small pebbles after an explosion while singing a children’s song about peace.


One channel video/Sound installation

Colored video - rear projection

Aspect ratio: 4:3

Duration: 00'01'30 min. (Seamless loop)

Audio: Stereo

Technical requirements: 1 HD projector, 2 active speakers, media player and frosted Plexiglas for the rear projection set directly on the floor

Size: 45 x 60 cm

Note: Size of the projection varies with the size of the gallery space

Installation view: Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki - 2006

Dear moon,
Why do you appear like a song about loneliness

When he has been gone for so long?
My memories are coming back to me

Like colorful rays of time,
Making it easier for me to express my longing for him,

When I feel so empty inside
The rays follow me wherever I go.

The colorful rays will lead me there one day.